A lot of people seem confused between compatible toner cartridge and original toner cartridge. As some people assume, compatible toner cartridge is a reused toner cartridge with low quality because it is a recycled products.

Well, it is absolutely wrong. The compatible product is actually a brand new product and the reliability is guaranteed as the product is manufactured and produced on their own.

Simply said, compatible product quality is just the same as the original product quality. The manufacturer builds and creates toner cartridge following the standard specification of the original product. Compatible product from JADI brand can reduce cost because the manufacturer carries out the research development (R&D) on Malaysia by using their own material and own expert local team. In addition, the material used in producing toner is made locally with local manpower. JADI brand also undergoes a lot of tests likewise reliability test and quality test. The process of checking, testing and verifying, in particular, to ensure JADI toner cartridge products meet the requirement.

Why Choose Compatible Products?

As stated earlier, the compatible product is an excellent choice for an economical printing cost as the price is more affordable compared to original product. This including firmware and chip that enable compatible product toner cartridge to suit with any other original brand printer.

Other than that, the page yield counts can surpass the standard of the original product. It’s possible as JADI quality check and quality assurance expert team (QA/QC) always monitor the standard during their quality test and reliability test. Or, at least, the page yield counts is just the same as the page yield counts of the original product. Choosing a compatible product is good for the environment too as it is eco-friendly because the cartridge can be recyclable.

Toner Cartridge Colour Set

To summarize it all, compatible toner cartridge offer a lot of advantages. To begin with, the advantages are as below:

  1. an excellent quality that similar to original product
  2. eco-friendly
  3. and a great choice for an economical printing cost.

Even better if the compatible toner cartridge brand is JADI brand
as we offer one year warranty and JADI’s customers entitled to a refund and return policy if there any defects at toner cartridge. (terms & conditions apply)

Why Choose JADI Life Brand?

JADI brand strength compared to original brand and competitor brand is our brand offers factory direct price, great product packaging, and trusted brand with 20 year’s experience serving customers. Our brand has sold thousands of toner cartridge to companies, dealers and individual person. Our customers’ review are all positive feedback as it is proven our product have satisfied all of customers’ expectations.

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