If you’re a beginner but you have enormously depth interests in starting 3D printing you might know or have heard about ANET 3D printer models.

Well, the A3 model may be too basic or small for you because you might have operated and handled the A3 model to do your complex or better 3D prints out.

You yearn for something with a bigger build volume, a better print bed, a faster pre-heat system.

Your inner self wants more! your inner self screams and craves for a more advanced model.

Say no more! We introduce to you our latest model from ANET which is the ET4 model.

ET4 Advance Feature, Check!

Auto Levelling: usually, any 3D printer model required the user to manually adjusting and setting up bed leveling to obtain precise 3D printing results. This process is tedious and time-consuming. Imagine that you have to adjust bed leveling each time you want to print, isn’t it tiring? Luckily, the ET4 model comes with an auto-leveling feature. The user can easily print out because ET4 will automatically detect the distance between the bed and the nozzle which then uses the data to re-configure the actual position of the print bed and nozzle’s movement. Hence, minimize faulty in the printing process.

Resume Print Function: This feature is absolutely convenient for the user as it enables resume printing after a sudden power outage or running out of PLA filament. Sometimes, a problem like this is out of our hands. We can’t foresee occurences that causes job interference. So this feature helps saving time.

Filament Detection Prompt: The filament detector function in detecting whenever the PLA filament is broken or runs-out. The system will pause automatically and immediately prompt cue for feeding. Similarly, when you are using a photocopy machine, the system will pause automatically because of running out of paper and signal a sound to alert the user to fill-up more papers.

Moreover, the ET4 model’s key feature are silent-steppers features and a responsive touchscreen. You can print your 3D design silently, there is minimal decibel noise from the motor stepper, as 3D printer models are notorious with their noise. You can adjust your printing temperature and fan speed easily with a responsive touchscreen, unlike any other 3D printer models that use the knob button to adjust anything.

Responsive Touchscreen

Ready to Assemble! Less Than 10 Minutes!

On the previous entry blog, the ANET A3 model has been introduced. The previous model is an assembled, ready to use the 3D printer. The user doesn’t have to assemble the printer by themselves. On the other hand, this ET4 latest 3D printer model is pre-assembled. The user is required to assemble the printer but don’t worry because the process of assembling the printer is easy as 1,2,3D!

Without further ado, let’s see the step-by-step process!

1st step – assembling major components of the ET4. There are 3 major components – body, frame and extruder (x-axis carriage)

Complete set of tools:

Attach the upper metal frame to the platform base. Find the screw holes to attach it. You will need 4 bolts provided inside the box to attach them together.

Installing the X axis-carriage:

x-axis carriage (extruder)

After installing the X axis-carriage, you have to hook up a series of cable from the X-axis carriage to the mainboard. It’s easy to connect them because both connector and receptacle ends has label.

Lastly, install the spool holder.

The guidelines written here might be too basic but user have option to refer for more details on manual guide book or refer to tutorial video on the internet. Or otherwise, the user can always ask for extra information and guidelines from our customer service. We are here to serve!

Ready to have fun – start printing!

For those who want to start printing right away but you don’t have any 3D design yet, you are still able to do so because ANET provides free sample print files. You can start testing your ET4 model performance with those free sample design.

Either way, you can create your own design using free 3D CAD (Computer-Aided Software) that are suitable for beginners like TinkerCAD, FreeCAD, and BlocksCAD. Software. And then, for 3D slicing software, there are free 3D slicing software called Cura, Repetier, and Simplify3D. Don’t get confused between slicer software and design software, design software used to make the 3D design (any prototype or model) meanwhile slicing software used to slice out the filament after stl (industry-standard file for 3D printing) card reader sent g.code (computer language to command order) to the printer.

1st step – press the ‘Print’ button

After pressing the ‘Print’ button, a list of existing files in the MicroSD will show up. You just need to select one and confirm which files to be printed.

List of print files

You can also tweak the settings during printing operation on the control panel. So you have a choice to make your own print settings adjustments.

Make Up Your Mind!

The ANET ET4 is a cost-effective advanced FDM printer packaged with advance features which surely satisfy the users’ need. Once calibrated, you don’t need to adjust anything anymore. Great features with a price as low as RM999 is a worthy deal. You know where to make your purchase, just go to Jadilife or e-commerce sites such as Shopee, Lazada, PrestoMall, and PGMall.

JADI Life is the sole exclusive distributor of ANET 3D printer models in Malaysia. We guarantee our 3D printers are 100 percent authentic. The must-have 3D printer in every household.