We have published a few articles about 3D printer and you can easily read the previous articles for your reference if you need more information regarding ET4 3D printer. Today, we will go details one by one for our readers to easily digest the information loaded in here about downloading and installing free software for 3D printer usage in slicing filament.

First and foremost, using 3D printer has three main steps which are assembling, designing and slicing.

Assembling part is the step where you assemble your ET4 3D printer machine before you start design your own 3D model creation and slicing out your artwork design.

Then, designing a 3D artwork/model can be done with 3D CAD free online software that can be found on the internet. One of the free software that you can try is Thing Verse.

Last part is to slice the model by translating the 3D STL file into G-code file that the 3D printer can understand.

Basically, this is the workflow of creating 3D model : idea > 3D artwork/design > STL file > filament > slice > G.code > print

Let’s assume you have the 3D model artwork and you want to print = slice your 3D model so what you need to do is installing 3D slicing programme software.

Read the whole article for 3D slicing programme installation guidelines!

Step 1: Installing Cura Software

There are top three most used free software on the internet that you can download, TinkerCAD, FreeCAD and Cura.

We recommend Cura as it is more convenient compared to others. Just click on the link below to download


Step 2: Choose A Printer

There are varieties of printer option will be displayed so you need to choose Anet > ET4 then click confirm.

Next, set up the the printer and extruder settings.

Step 3: Import JADI Life ET4 Configuration Profile

Click on this link to download our ET4 profile


Next, you can find the file with the name JADI Profile. Click on Settings > Configure setting visibly

Refer on 1st image, click on Profiles > ET4 – Custom #2

Then, on 2nd image, click Import button.

Anet ET4 printer menu bar will appear once you have successfully imported the JADI ET4 configuration profile.

Step 4: Adding A 3D Printer Model Artwork To Cura

Import a 3D model into the Cura software. Please follow this workflow to import 3D model to Cura

File > Open File(s). Select STL file from your computer and Cura will import it.

You will need to wait for a moment before the 3D model appear on the screen

Step 5: 3D Print Setup

Click on menu bar Print Setup to adjust your model size to suit your preferences. (refer image below)

Next, on your right-hand side, you should see a print settings. Under print settings, you should be able to see “Profiles”. This print profile consists of the complete list of print settings and the parameters set, which forms the 3D printing strategy. This profile is similar to the layer height settings in “Layer height” settings under Quality on Custom settings. Layer height is one of the most frequently changed settings. It is the thickness of one printed layer in millimeters. With a thinner layer height you can increase the quality of the print, leading to a smoother surface and more detail visible in the Z-direction (height) of the model. On the other hand, by using thicker layers you can decrease the print time substantially.

Print profile (layer height) settings can be adjust using the recommended mode or custom mode. You can also adjust the infill percentage (%). Keep in mind, however, that the higher the infill density, the less flexible the part will be. Means better quality print however the printing time may increase. Furthermore, you should tick the “Support” box to add support to your 3d model.

Step 6: Ready To Print

The model is now ready to print = slice, what you need to do is to convert STL file into G.code file (computer language that 3D printer understand).

1. Save the print file: you can choose either to “Save to SD” or “Send to Printer”

2. Print time estimation: Cura will show time estimation of your printing progress

3. Start the 3D print: you may stay sit and wait for the 3D model ready completely.