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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Hope everyone had a good time welcoming the good year albeit the current situation. We do still need to celebrate something, yes? On that note, what better way to do it other than to feel pumped and motivated to begin a brand-new year. Not quite sure how so? Not to worry, we have 4 simple, doable tips on how to be (and stay) motivated after a year of challenges.


We know this might be an overrated word usually used at the beginning of the year but let’s take it positively and hear us out. Firstly, it is always a good practice to list out the things you want to achieve or do better in your life thus listing them down at the start of the year is the perfect time to do so.

If in previous years you found it hard to stick to your goals, why not this year keep it easy and reasonable in which you know you can accomplish them sooner or later. For example, if you want to start reading more books in 2021, rather than putting several books to finish in 1 year try setting yourself a designated time twice a week to kick off the momentum.

 This list will surely motivate you one way or another and to even make it more interesting, once you completed one goal go ahead and reward yourself!

If you’re a coffee fan like me, I choose to treat myself with an expensive luxurious Java Chip Frappuccino from Starbucks. Yum! 😊


This next tip requires high energy because it might involve some heavy lifting. However, to make it less stressful you could set it up weekly rather than finishing it in one go. Although it would be practical to set a reasonable period to complete this task.

Maybe to begin the spring cleaning (to get yourself running and motivated) start by cleaning out the smallest space in your room so that you won’t be overwhelmed with the number of things you found. Set aside the things you want to throw away and gather the things that are still usable (but you know deep down you won’t use them anymore) which you can donate to the less fortunate.

This way you made extra space in your room and at the same time feel good that somewhere out there you have made people happier with their lives. Isn’t that a good feeling?

Tip #3 SETUP YOUR NEW PLANNER (and/or buy new stationeries!)

What better way to start of the brand-new year with a new, fresh Planner to start organizing the most amazing year. Besides getting your appointments and tasks sorted out visibly, you will be surprised at how less stressfulyou would be having those things arranged beforehand. Plus, having a new planner gives a better reason to add brand-new stationeries to your collection! Here at NuSign these notebooks and gel pens will be a great addition for your planning activities for 2021.  Click here to see more exciting premium stationeries.


Last but not least, despite the hard and difficult unprecedented challenges we all had to go through the past year we ought to remain positive that things will get better.

Having said that, surrounding oneself with positive vibes is vital.

Of course, one has to start being positive with themselves first before spreading the positivity around as one cannot be negative and expect the opposite from others. Being positive might sound difficult especially going into 2021 we are still facing the remnants from 2020 but, if we instil in our minds that “there’s always a rainbow after the rain”, it will be a good start in starting positive thoughts.

Thereafter, once you feel good and positive yourself, in no time you will realize that you ought (and be happier) to surround yourself with positive people and slowly discard any negativity in your life. Plus having this sort of positivity will surely motivate you to become the better version of yourself whom you always wanted to be.

We hope some of these tips would be useful to kick off 2021. Here’s to wishing good and bright times ahead for everyone and don’t forget to stay positive!

Have a remarkable 2021 everyone!