Starting a business might be challenging for a start-up, it requires a lot of work such as preparing documentation and strategic development. Other than that, overall cost for a start-up business is expensive and require a proper cost management planning. To simply put, your energy will be drained out as much as you used up your brain. But, there is saying “no pain no gain”. The beginning is always the hardest but be courage and embrace yourself to be a successful entrepreneur.

Straight to the point, there will be ups and downs. Nevertheless, challenges created a stronger entrepreneur that can face any obstacles.

Cut the chase down, you’re reading this article because you’re interested to know about how to earn money with 3D printing. Just like the title above, make profit with 3D printing business.

photo from Google, credit to Envato

Choosing 3D printing business as a side income or main income is an excellent choice. There is a huge opportunities because the world is leading to a new era, industrial revolution 4.0 whereas everything use machines technology. It is widely applied to big industrial business and start-up small business.

3D Printing Prototype

One of the way to make money with 3D printing is to minimize business cost as much as you can. As for example, most industrial industry need a sample prototype before proceed to an actual design because of testing, research and development is required for project confirmation. The probability of investors refuse to invest is high if the R&D result is not impressive. You can create your project prototype in bulk without worrying about production cost because producing prototype using 3D printer is more cheaper than using heavy industrial machine. With using 3D printer too, you can cut a lot of cost as number of manpower was reduced. Moreover, it is time saver with 3D printer because estimated time period on producing a 3D model takes only 2-3 hours unlike using heavy industrial machine which is time-consuming and required an expert to control and handle the machine to produce a working prototype. So here you have reduce cost for manpower cost, electricity cost and heavy machine cost.

There are more benefits that you can gain with 3D printing which include, more variants of the same prototype design and more complex end product. It is endless design creation of producing prototypes. You can create as many prototype you wanted at cheaper cost.

Commercial 3D Printing

Next, you can make money if you commercialize your 3D printing homemade and start selling the item. Using 3D printer involve designing skill and computer skill, these skills is not easy and not many people out there is knowledgeable about 3D printing process.

You can turn this opportunities to make a lot of money. Provide 3D printing service and sell the items you made with 3D printer. Charge the customers with design service, printing service and for 3D prototypes homemade.

phone stand created using ET4 3D printer

3D Printing Cost

You may need to take these costs into your consideration:

  • Material Cost
  • Manpower Cost
  • 3D Printer Operation Cost
  • Margin

The main material cost in using 3D printer is filament. There are many type of filament which are Poly Lactic Acid (PLA), Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), Wood Fiber Cellulose +PLA, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA), Nylon and Ninjaflex & Thermoplastic Urethane (PTU) the most commonly used is PLA filament. Most 3D printer out there is compatible with different types of filament, and PLA filament is the people’s choice because it is biodegradable and environmentally-friendly than other filaments. PLA filament made from renewable resources (corn starch and sugar cane), this material contribute in smoothen the printing progress as 3D printing process always encounter problems like nozzle clogging or warping.

PLA filament

PLA filament’s price start as low as RM54.00 and you will need to calculate the material cost by calculate = filament price/ filament weight (g) * model weight (g).

Now, let’s calculate manpower cost. You should value the manpower cost according to labour law. Usually, it’s monthly pay or hourly pay rate. However, you can skip this cost if you buy a lot of 3D printer and you choose to mass producing 3D prototype by yourself.

Next, bear in mind, this is the crucial part of calculating your 3D printing cost. You have to include electricity bill in your 3D printing operation cost calculation too even though the cost is negligible. 3D printing operation cost can be calculated like this = 3D printer price/ required investment time (h) * print time (h)

Finally, you can sum up all of your calculation manually by using the formula provided or you can simply use online 3D printing cost calculation that available for free on the internet. There are lots of 3D printing price calculator that you can try.

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