The school reopening announcement was made and the journey of students has started like usual. The pandemic is not recovered yet but as long as the SOP procedure is followed abide by everyone, it should not be no problem. What this pandemic has teaches us all is a printer for each household is essential and printing cost is expensive and not everyone can afford it.

Printing cost required a lots of money need to be invested. Of course, it is better if there is alternative way to reduce the printing cost as the refill ink, toner cartridge and inkjet cartridge from original brand is too pricey.

Printing Cost

Let us calculate basic cost from printing document:

A4 Paper Black & White (Per Sheet)A4 Colour Paper (Per Sheet)
RM0.05 centRM0.10 cent

This is the price a student needs to pay if they choose to print out and photostate at the book store. Usually, the documents they print will be more than 100 pages for each subject. That would cost them RM5 for black and white documents, meanwhile RM10 for coloured documents. Let’s assume that they need to print out for five subjects and the total would be RM 75.00 (add coloured and black & white documents) for a day that they had to spent.

A4 Paper Black & White (Per Sheet)A4 Colour Paper (Per Sheet)
RM0.05 x 100 = RM5.00RM0.10 x 100 = RM10.00
100 pages x 5 (notes for each subject) = 500 x RM0.05 = RM25.00100 pages x 5 (notes for each subject) = 500 x RM0.10 = RM50.00

It’s better if they have their own printer which can help them to reduce cost. In addition, the printing cost can be more affordable if they choose refill ink from Malaysia brand that compatible with all printers brand.

Jaditoner by JADI Life Solutions (JLS)


Let’s assume the price of CRG 337 printing cost:

CRG337 original toner cartridge: RM300.00

A4 copier paper 70gsm: RM9.00

Refill ink 70ml per bottle: RM28.00

CRG337 original toner cartridge can last until 2,400 page yield and that would be four months to six months. This is the price for original brand and the total of printing cost can reach RM309.00 for almost half a year.

Compatible CRG337 toner cartridge: RM21.00

A4 copier paper 70gsm: RM8.30

Refill ink 100ml per bottle: RM5.00

If they choose to buy JADI brand toner cartridge, they can save almost RM200 per a year. The quality of JADI brand is similar to original brand as the manufacturer undergo research and development (R&D) before the products is ready to release in marketplace. All of JADI brand products has been tested and passed the ISO standard, plus, the expert team that carried out the R&D is local team expert.

CRG 337
Original – Printing Cost
CRG 337
Compatible – Printing Cost
RM 300 + RM 9.00 = RM309.00RM 21.00 + RM 8.30 = RM 29.30
RM 28 + RM 9.00 = RM37.00RM 5.00 + RM 8.30 = RM13.30

How To Refill Ink Like An Expert

A task to refill ink printer might be challenging for a beginner so you might hesitate for the first trial. Do not worry because process of refilling ink printer is easy like a piece of cake. The step is not more than five steps. You can watch the tutorial video directly on how to refill your printer below.