The pandemic of Covid-19 virus hits really hard and infecting millions of people globally from various aspects. From daily life, business, occupation and education have been disrupted by the pandemic. Routine movements everyone used to do is no longer a routine when people are force to get used with new norm in Covid-19 era.

The most affected must be global economy. Due to the pandemic, rate of unemployment rises, transportation service and manufacturing industries are affected because of disease mitigation measures that has been implemented in many countries.

Surely, an emergency plan to cope with current economic crisis is desperately needed. The title of this article is obvious, an untold story of inkjet cartridge that can save a lot of money will be told. Be prepared to get mind blown!

What is the function of dotted chip on inkjet cartridge?

Your home printer or office printer will run out of ink eventually and you will need to refill. Your dotted chip on inkjet cartridge function in detecting your remaining ink and will alert you to make a refill immediately. When it happened, typically, a common mindset of people will just buy a new inkjet cartridge to refill their printer. That’s the usual solution all of people will think of. But, is it true? Have you ever wonder if your printer is telling the truth?

1. To determine the quality of printing

Other than detecting the remaining ink, the dotted chip on inkjet cartridge function in determines your quality of printed documents. If your ink printer getting lesser then your printed documents quality will get deteriorate. The visual colour of it is no longer vibrant.

2. To upgrade firmware

The dotted chip stores your printer data such as type, colour and page yield. It also functions in making decision for your printer. Likewise, your ink printer has run out so this chip tells your printer to alert the user to make a refill. Other example, your printer jammed because of cartridge problem then the chip will alert the user to upgrade firmware.

Overprice Refill Inkjet Cartridge

Well, the printer is telling the truth. It is programmed to tell based on the acquired data. When they alert you to refill, it’s true. When they alert you the quality of printed documents will drop because of insufficient ink, is also true.

What is not true is the overprice refill inkjet cartridge. You actually have other alternative to refill your ink printer. It doesn’t have to be original brand of inkjet cartridge. You can choose OEM brand to refill your ink printer. That is the only absolute truth that you need to know.

Trusted OEM brand, JADI Life Solutions (JADI Toner)

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YouTube channel

If you are so not into a reading person, then you should go and watch our informative and interesting video on our YouTube channel. There is an exclusive video about the secret of inkjet cartridge. You can click on this link to directly watch the video.