Howdy everyone!

Remember the previous post that we have published about “What You Need To Know About ET4?” Now, that everyone is familiar with ANET ET4 3D Printer, let’s go through special features that make this ET4 model extraordinary! (Well, it’s a bit exaggerating to say that but you will find out why after you have finished reading the article).

1. Auto Bed Leveling

For 3D printer users, this is the most time consuming as most of the 3D printer bed need to be adjusted manually. Or should I say it is annoying? Each time you want to print out and slicing the filament, you have to adjust the bed levelling. Annoying is it!

Worry no more, with ANET ET4 3D Printer you can save a lot of times. This auto-levelling feature is a great assist to do your levelling job.

2. Power Outage Recovery

Imagine having sudden blackout at your office or your home when you are printing and slicing out the filament, then you must have thought that your printing job need to start again from the scratch. That’s sounds disappointed. Don’t you wish your 3D printer model have resume printing feature? I mean, you don’t want to do repetitive job!

Well, you must be happy to hear this! The ANET ET4 3D Printer model has power outage recovery feature which means it can resume your printing job after the blackout recovered. Interesting right?

3. Filament Detection

This feature is quite helpful too. You can immediately receive a pop-up message on your PC screen asking for a new filament material because of the 3D printer running out of the material to continue the printing job. Other than that, this feature will help to avoid air-printing. What do you think? Great, right!

4. Responsive Touchscreen

It’s 2021 already guys! Of course you will need 3D printer model that has responsive touchscreen. Unlike other old version ANET 3D Printer model, ANET ET4 is more advance model that comes with responsive 2.8 inch LCD touchscreen feature. You no longer need to use traditional knob button to adjust your print setting.    

Extra Features

Psst…. we are not done yet. The title said 4 features but we have more. The 4 features are the main features that surely are attractive points that can make up your mind to grab ET4 model in lightning speed. On top of that, these extra features will definitely make you stop thinking twice to purchase the ET4 model.

Below are the extra features available on ANET ET4 3D Printer model:

  • Automatic Filament Assignment (automatic load and unload the filament with just one click)
  • Integrated Modular Design (integrated, modular design with terminal pinboard for connection ports, covered wires and a more sleek appearance)
  • Designed With Safety In Mind (the mainboard features thermal runaway protection).

To sum up, all of these features on ANET ET4 3D Printer model can possibly be a great assistant to do your printing job. You don’t need a huge machine like factory industrial uses because this model can print any 3D design easily. The price is affordable too if you buy from an exclusive distributor ANET 3D Printer – JADI Life Solutions. Visit and have a look at our official online shop on various marketplaces such as Shopee, Lazada, PG Mall and our own online official store, Jadi Life.